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About Alice

1. kapitola - Prologue

Krátky popis:
It would be about her - Alice. A young woman, studying International relations and European studies. You would think a boring subject. Maybe yes, but sometimes its very handy. During some situations, in some discusions, in peacetime... but not in Arda.

Typ: Viackapitolová
Autor: Melian
Dátum a čas pridania: 09. 09. 2009 08:18:12
Veková hranica: 12+
Dokončená: nie
Počet prezretí: 2151
Tagy: FanFiction, Pán Prsteňov, angličtina, romantika, dobrodružné, erotické, násilie

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Kapitoly tejto série

    Title: About Alice
    Disclaimar: I don't own any of professor Tolkien's works.

    He knew something was amiss, even though he was asleep. It seemed that every aspect of the world changed. He could not distinguish what, but it was there. Maybe it was only a feeling or gentle touch of disarray, which was tugging on his mind. Maybe... just maybe, there was an unusual touch to the order.

    His brain was racing with rapidity; trying to focus, trying to awake, discreetly making its master aware of the disturbance. Even the trees were whispering, their leaves humming in soft breeze, calling for him.

    But how it could be possible? In the sleep... feelings of amazement washed through him like a tideway. Could it be possible? No, surelly not. It was such a folly to even think about it. Yet, he sensed it through the thickness of sleep, and it guided him through it to awareness; slowly, terrifyingly, with utter sureness.

    At first he only felt, smelled and tasted. He felt a warm body pressed against him. A woman's breast against his side, full and flawless, a hand on his chest and well-muscled leg tangled with his own ones.

    The smell of wine and nights passion mingled together with freshness of morning air. It hung in the space like an aphrodisiac, a warm fragrance, the sweetness, and bitterness of the morning. But the disturbance did not allow him to bask in the sensation. It unnerved him. Yet, he did not truly awake. The state between sleep and awareness is long enough to let the body adjust, even for Elves.

    The taste of air as he breathed lingered on his tongue as senses one by one stirred up. Only now, his eyes started to focus and recognize the shapes of his chamber; ceiling with carved wine cords, coaxing gold of rising sun and the deep green of spring nature. But everything looked somehow different, felt different.

    His brain tried to sort it out and only slowly came to the disturbing conclusion. At first, he did not believe it. It was ridiculous to even think about it. There were no means, how it could happen ... yet, his all senses confirmed it.

    The Lord of Imladris sat abruptly on his bed, suspiciousness settling deep in his guts.

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    nice, nice, nice

    pekné, dobrý štýl, a slovná zásoba yummy - proste to vedelo chytiť... teším na ďalšie kapitoly!

    Pridal(a): ChristineTheValiant, 04. 01. 2011 22:37:49

    Ohohó, dobrý prológ! Dúfam, že pokračovanie bude čoskoro, lebo som strašne zvedavá, čo z toho bude! :-P

    Pridal(a): Bruja, 10. 09. 2009 08:43:50
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